*Drummer needed

* based around Manhattan,NYC
*we play punk, and metal but we are open to almost any genre
*we have a singer another guitarist and a bassist
*most of us are seniors or juniors in high school
if interested send me a message
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i feel you man, i was on the train and i saw this guy playing with some drum sticks turns out he is like 27 or something, i still gave him my contact info but..still.were all juniors and seniors in highschool and it would be cool if we kept it around our same age
yea im a junior my oldest member is 22 and bassist 21 which is cool cause there just legal meaning booze XD and other shit they can get lol i need a damn drummer around my age no older than 20 i have 2 of them to deal with as it is. i never see younger people playing in the train station XD all old and crusty looking