I think it will be a good oppurtunity to learn things I didn't learn, because I am entirely self-taught and incredibly lazy I didn't bother to learn alot of things I regret not learning now. My question is where should I start? He can play some stuff, smoke on the water intro etc. Are there any good sites I can use as resources to aid me in this process?
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The Hal Lenorad Guitar Method books are good,Also it depends on the genre of music you like.For rock,blues and jazz there are books by Alfred (Rock/Jazz/Blues Beginner,Intermediate and Mastering repectively)if you look around your local music stores you might find some very nice books
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Basic pentatonics, chords, chord theory, and how everything is derived from the major scale for starters.
Scales, Chords and some theory to start. After that, get the Doug Mark (?) Metal Method book. It's helped out alot of people, and I'm sure once he gets use to some finger patterns he'll be able to start learning from it. I beleive it's 6 DVD's with tab books to each one, and it's kinda cheap.