for those that are going or have been to the summer guitar sessions in the past! they say that amps are not provided for practicing on your own and they say that bringing a small practice amp is acceptable so should i bring a roland micro cube for practicing on my own or not?

help me out
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its your decision. Why not? I would. But bring headphones if you do.
I'm goin this year man. I'm bringing just a Honeytone amp.

I'd say definetely bring the Microcube, chances are you will want to play sometime in your free time.

What genre are you in?

I'm Sean Hayward, I'll be in the Metal genre.

See you there.
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The only thing I would worry about is maybe someone stealing it, or breaking it. If you keep a good eye on it then by all means take it. What are the summer courses supposed to help you with? My friend and I might go to berklee for college so I was wondering if they would help get into the college. Oh and to the guy above me nice eraserhead avatar.
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