I've been rebuilding an old Jazzmaster copy, and for pickups I've got a coil splitting humbucker for the bridge and a single coil for the neck.

My question is that if I wire it to a 5 way switch, would I wire the humbucker coils to lugs 1 and 2, and the single coil to lug 3?
And would that produce this
Position 1:Humbucker coil 1
Position 2:Humbucker both coils
Position 3:Humbucker coil 2
Position 4:Humbucker coil 2 and single coil
Position 5:Single coil

I haven't started wiring yet, but i'm not looking forward to it. I have basically no experience with electronics.

If anyone has any corrections other recommendations for wiring or anything, please let me know.
Anyone who can confirm or correct this?
I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to wiring