just put up some of my recent work.
"Desdalia" and "Break Through' (listen to version 2)
I'm looking for some feedback. They are really sweet songs and my friends so far are asking me to burn them to CD's for them, but none of them play guitar so I want some musicians input on them.
I record them and mix them w\ Garageband if anyone is wondering.

Thanks in advance
Ya. I got a Yamaha APX 500 a week ago. I'm in love with it.
I named her Desdalia, and one of the songs is named after her, it was my first recording on her.
But the ApX series is unreal, and great for the price.
That mix was great, really good for something recorded at home.

Breakthrough V.2 was really cool, the Tempo change was a bit sudden, but not bad. Sounds kinda mystic I liked it a lot.

In Desdalia, i really liked that overdriven coming up under the acoustic. It was really great.

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