Okay guys, for fun I want to arrange an orchestrial song (not sure if I want to do jazz or classical) on guitarpro and later fruity loops.

I know basic counterpoint (all the 1,2 and 3rd specie rules and the majority of 4th and florid specie rules), and I know alot about harmony/melody.

So, anyone got any idea on how to do this?

Anyone got any sheet music thats actually arranged for an orchestra (as an example), preferably jazz?

Any help whatsoever (as in, even fleeting thoughts are welcome) is welcomed.
Arranging implies taking something already existing, and changing its form.

You're not talking about arranging, you're talking about composing.
i've got sheet music of caprice 24 by paganini, in the hall of the mountain king by grieg, symphony 5 by beethoven, and the flight of the bumblebee by korsakov.

oh and the pink panther theme :P

you could pretty much arrange all of that to hard rock / metal, or just whatever. i like all of that just as it is myself, but it would be nice to arrange it to an army of electric guitars xD

btw i didn't really understand if you wanted to get some sheet music, or if you were asking another question. so i'll probably sound lame.
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I dont think I explained myself right...

I'm going to take a song, probably from my fake book, and arrange it for a big swing orchestra. Than I'm going to play it through guitar pro or fruity loops.
I was asking for 2 things:
As I've never seen sheet music for more than 6 instruments, I'd like some examples of what each instrument in an orchesta plays.
And, I was wondering if anyone had dont this and had any tips.
^ most sheet music doesn't have many instruments separated, that's right, but that's pretty much the ARRANGER's choice. you could octavate stuff, add more instruments as you'd like and what not.
i'm looking at a in the hall of the mountain king 'tab' right now, and it only has about 6 lines to it. instrument lines, or pitch lines, whatever. if you'd listen to it you could tell it's got many more instruments than that (playing different stuff i mean)

also, it doesn't show percussion, although it's used.
Well I'd recommend Rimsky-Korsakov's book on orchestration "The Principles of Orchestration." It's all classical of course, so you'll have to go elsewhere if you're planning on a dominant blaring brass section, but it should serve well as an introduction to the that art. Also www.imslp.org is a huge international music score library that has recently been reopened (it's all free, but had been taken down for legal reasons) so you can find some complete scores in there of Gershwin for some jazzier stuff as well as the classical greats.