i have an epiphone sg G310 which is almost a year old. the rythm pick up(a humbucker) doesnt work anymore.
- cant hear the guitar being amplified on clean and distortion
- while using distortion there is a loud humming sound
- but u can slightly hear ur playing (only just louder than when unplugged)
- i took it into to get repaired under warranty and the assistant tried it out and it was fine. i did notice a volume difference but i couldnt see the settings on the guitar

if any1 has experienced this sort of thing or knows what could be wrong please help me!!!
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Check your amp, and cables with different guitars and such, come back, and tell us if it's still a problem.

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ive tried my cousins guitar in my amp (roland cube 20x)with a different lead and its fine. ive also tried my guitar in 2 amps at lessons and the rythm pick up doesnt work (different lead 2)
You either have a faulty selector switch or dody wiring - the pickup itself is fine
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