You know what, someday, he will be your boss.
I'll believe in anything and you'll believe in anything.
Seattle Seahawks

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i feel like you have an obsession with aubrey plaza.

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at least we can all agree SGstriker is the woooooooooooooooooooooorst
Just wow.
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
aw, i felt bad for that guy :/
My name is Charlie.

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reminds me of this:

I was gonna post that.. stealer.
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If loving ham makes me gay, I'm Rob Halford.

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MyNameIsLame just nailed it (actually both his statements did some nailing).

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This is honestly the best first post I've ever seen

^^ Directed at me. E-peen wankery sigs ftw.

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I've been watching people fail for the last half hour on "Millionaire". Beautiful way to nurse a hangover and make me feel better about all the dumb decisions I made last night
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reminds me of this:

funny but fake.

that guy was a complete moron.