Hi, I build quite a few guitars, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get a steady source of good quality necks? I'm tired of parting out cheap guitars and getting decent, but not great necks, and I'm not interested in building them myself (not for the current projects).

I've read many reviews of mighty mite, stewmac (mighty mite again?), and warmoth stuff. Seems that mighty mite isn't quite the quality I'm looking for (I want something VERY good), and many people have had problems with warmoth.

I'm mostly just looking for bolt-on 25 1/2 inch scale nekcs. Rosewood on maple, or maple on maple prefered. More exotic stuff would be nice, but not going to be too picky at the moment.

Just mostly concerned about quality, and consistancy. I would like all the neck butts to be to fender specs.

Price isn't realy a big concern (reasonable though, $100-300 would be OK, higher for exotic woods).

Also, does anyone have experience with shipping in necks? I live in Canada so our weather can effect guitars pretty bad (cold and dry in the winter, hot and wet in the summer), so I'm wondering what level of tolerance I need to have to these effects?

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I am currently building my fifth Warmoth guitar and I have no problems at all with any of them. I have two Strats, a Tele and I am curently building two more Strats. I would re-think about Warmoth, thay are expansive but so are the Bare Knuckle Pups that reside in all my Warmoths. You say you don't mind psying, the finishing IMO is what makes the necks so expensive, but then again they do really nice work on my gear.
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I don't have the time to build necks for these projects, doing other things at the moment. I'm just doing these to fill an order, more of a favour and I'm not looking to make the most wonderfull guitars in the world, but I also don't want to build the crapiest guitars either.

The projects are more about the custom electronics and finishes, which are taking up all the time I can give to them at the moment.
Warmoth is the obvious one. I, personally, would recommend Musikraft. Alot of exotic stuff for cheaper than warmoth. I ordered my 1pc tele neck- solid cocobolo. They have more fretboard radii than warmtoh to pick, more neck profiles, more fret types etc. It cost me $450. Something similar to that from warmoth would be about $900...
The builders and luthiers at TDPRI rave constantly about USACG and their customer service: http://www.usacustomguitars.com/index.html

I've also had very nice results with Musikraft: https://www.musikraft.com/index.php?CZSESSID=o59bfg0ust8u9ej7p7im742tq7

Another one I like very much is AllParts, specially with MIJ Fender bodies: http://www.allparts.com/

I didn't like Mighty Mite at all. I've had a Tele neck and a PBass neck from them and I had to tweak the neck heel to make them fit/work properly. The Tele forum doesn't like them, too.

Consider that I'm not a pro and my experiences are only with assembling from parts and refinishing.

Good Luck!