Who thinks That "Kill em' All" was the greatest album ever made?

black sabbath - "black sabbath" was the best metal record ever imo.
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no definitely led zep 2 or 3....besides metallicas best album was ride the lightning, or master of puppets
master of puppets and ...and justice for all are better.
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Ride The Lightning ****ing pawns Kill 'Em All.

im not going to deny that ride the lightning was awesome. i LOVE R.T.L., but i still think Kill em' all was better.
Some people, but by no means many people. Most Metallica fans prefer other Metallica albums. Kill Em All is my favourite Metallica, but it's far from being my favourite album ever.
kill em all was good, ride the lightning was better, master of puppets was their greatest (my fav is "the thing that should not be"), but none of them touch dark side of the moon OR zeppelin's IV.
"Kill'em All" = MASSIVE Motorhead rip-off, for the most part. Yeah, I know they were heavily influenced by Motorhead, but they just sounded like they went out of their way to sound exactly like them on some songs. It may have vaulted their career, but I can't listen to more than two or three tracks from it anymore.

Ride the Lightning and MoP are their only GREAT albums, IMO, and I very, very, very, very rarely listen to them.
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any punk album>kill'em all. i am not down with satan.

You are down with ignorance.

As KeA was every bit hardcore punk as it was metal.
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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Ride The Lightning ****ing pawns Kill 'Em All.

your out of your bloody mind. Kill em all is wayyy better, faster, louder, better solo's.

i use to think it was a really great when i first heard it. now that ive expanded my collection, i see that they're is allot higher quality metal out their. its still one of my top favorites, no doubt.
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and actually kill em all is far from the greatest metal album of all time...maybe best thrash metal and ride the lightning might be best speed metal album (with the exception of fade to black)
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any punk album>kill'em all. i am not down with satan.

firstly no. and secondly the only song on the album that has to do with the devil and thats jump in the fire, it was written from the devil's point of view in an ironic way not in a pro satanic way.
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...And Justice for All and Master of Puppets are just AMAZING. Cliff Burton FTW.

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no, it's not. when you've been listening to metal for more than ten minutes come back and we can talk. in the mean time, i have a different question to ask. Who thinks that the TS just got *reported*? i do.
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