My ring finger on my fretting hand always aches when I play. its not that I press to hard or anything, its the joint when I usually arch it when play it. is this normal? or should I stop playing for awhile?
have you ever had an injury to this finger before? because i have the same problem with my pinky finger on my fretting hand from a baskeball injury...
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Don't play through the pain. just play every now and then (could be daily) and wait until your finger doesn't hurt anymore
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let the pain stop then start playing again. Eventually it'll hurt less to keep playing.
like Natrone sed, it could be from an injury cos my wrist hurts if I play too much cos a while back I sprained it. I just stop and wait until the pain goes away.
Pain in this case is not good. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is abnormal or wrong. Trucking though this kind of pain carelessly can be very bad for you. Take a good rest till it stops and try again.
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