this summer has been really ****ty because most of my friends have jobs and aren't able to hang out. also my brother broke the computer when he was cleaning it. i had two jobs in the beginning of summer to occupy my time,but my bosses treated me bad. what else can i do other than practice guitar and watch tv? three weeks are left of summer and i want to make the best of it. sorry if i seem whiny or annoying.
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I had this excat problem last year.. all my friends had jobs except me.. So i used it as a chance to improve on my guitar and song writing skills..
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Its funny because he doesn't like women OR gay people. Try weed. It'll help you find a preference.
In the pit, these are the answers you will get:



the Pit.


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but seriously I just play guitar or listen to music.

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Its funny because he doesn't like women OR gay people. Try weed. It'll help you find a preference.

what are you talking about?
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but on topic to be honest i just go here or myspace when all else fails
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Yeah I'd recommend weed.
Calm down about the picture, I'm eating dinner right now and I feel nothing.
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Drugs. Drugs make you better at guitar. That, and long hair. And drugs.
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and Black/Thrash metal

lol i already listen to black/thrash metal plus all in between. since i don't have a computer i can't listen to my playlist so i can only listen to what music choice has to offer. it's not that bad, i found a ****load of bands to get into. and wtf i didn't say i'm not into girls. ****ing idiots -_-
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