Black Epiphone Dot with HSC, Nice Strap and Strap Locks - $300
Tons of Patch Cables - Inquire for Details
BBE Sonic Stomp - $60 shipped
Shure Beta 58A - $110
Shure PG58 - $20 Shipped
IPod Nano - $50 Shipped

Again, how much can fit on the Ipod Nano? I already asked in your other thread I think.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

GAS List:
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
i would buy the guitar but 300$ is a little steep.... what pick ups are in it
it's not steep when the guitar new is $400 and the case is another $75 plus a $30 strap and $15 strap locks. It has stock pickups in it.
not any really. i don't wanna be a jerk but by the time i shipped them i will have givin it to you for free. like i said, i don't wanna be a jerk but the point is to make profit. but if you wanna throw in shipping cost i'd give you two for $5.