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So i have a good friend of mine that has a Taylor 210E, and he wants to get rid of it. its in mint condition and it comes with a custom hardcase. He wants to sell it to me for $400. what do you guys/gals think? is it worth it? it plays beautifully and i think it looks good but i cant decide.
I'm not going to vote but 400 is pretty good considering the other taylor options at the price range of 400.

Would I buy it? That's a huge maybe. I spent nearly a month looking at the next guitar I'm about to purchase. Just a month looking at one single guitar.

so yeah maybe it will be a good deal if you decide the guitar is right for you. if it isn't the right guitar then it's never a good deal.

and the neck of taylors is sometimes a little too chunky for my taste. my hands aren't small.

i've tried higher end taylors, 710+ and those necks are a little nicer.
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The 200 series Taylor is made of cheap materials. They could have built it with something better, but the chose not to. It's not a good deal, but it is a good guitar. You can get better deals for less.
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well what else should i be looking for? what models? brands? i really like the style of it where its not shiny. just a flat wood material. I am looking for a deep sound
I think that it's a pretty good deal for $400. I think $800 is WAY too much to pay for the guitar new, but $400 is right on par with what it should cost imo. You aren't really going to find a better acoustic-electric for $400. If you like the guitar, have the cash, and need a new guitar... I'd say go for it.
How old is it? The 200-series went downhill a year or two ago when they decided to make the sides and back out of laminate instead of solid wood.
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2006 and older is a solid guitar top back and sides ebony finger board and bridge sitka top.
and yes it is an ecxellent deal 400 dollars is what i paid or my 110 i got a great guitar you most likely will to and if you decide you dont like it you can sell it for your money back instantly might even make a hundred bucks if you find the right buyer.
of course make sure the guitar is up to spec and not damaged but jump on that thing quick if it checks out. i dont get what the problem is you like the guitar they hold their value and are not made of cheap materials that is just a silly statement. if you find a guitar you like later sell it youll get your money back. good luck
Yeah man, that is a pretty good deal. They are nice guitars, but for what they cost new, you can find better.

But for $400, that is a great guitar.
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It is laminate backing. I'm kind of just trying to find a great guitar ona budget
^--I know of some who prefer laminate back and sides because they claim it reduces feedback when playing plugged in. A solid back is generally preferred though.
it sounds like a pretty good deal, but try to lower it a little more....
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