I know it rhymes in more places than others and may seem like it does not flow well but the way it's sung makes it sound right...

When I was a snowflake
Running to the ground
It was so nice,
Seeing the world around

And when I finally came down
There was a little white dog
Just north of uptown
Now I’m not so proud

Turned my shiny white coat
Into a dull yellow drop
Just flowing down the street
Splashing under some feet

Now I’m under your shoe
And I’ll surely dry up
The mountains and trees
Were too much for me

So my life is all done
I was far too young
But I’ll be back someday
Perhaps in late may

Up in the clouds
I will wait my turn
For the next precipitate
I will carry my weight

I’ll have a bird’s eye view
Watching over you
Every night and day
I will see you play

I’ll whisper to you
It will be okay
I’ll assure you
It will be okay