im an all right lead player but i want to expand.. and it just isnt clicking, i need good advice(also im new to the forums im not sure if this is where this should be posted)
There are some questions first:
what genres do you play?
Is the problem technique, or is it musical theory?
And since you are new im going to recommend you to the stickied threads at the top of the forum page. They will most likely help you out.
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Work on a variety of cover tunes. Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, older stuff will build you up better and faster.
Well if your rhythm is off then I suggest playing with a metronome. If that is indeed the problem, I mean you haven't really explained what problems you are having.
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I have poor natural rhythum so I count the strokes as I strum or build a patern with alternate stuming to make different timing paterens.

eg. counting (down-up=2 so I count by 2's)
eg timing alternations (up-up-down-up and repeating this pattern mechanically)

play around with different patterns and try to replicate what you hear on the radio.
rhythum guitar is much harder (and funner) than most make it out to be. good luck friend
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the main thing you need to know is how to keep a good rythym, how to downpick, and (for metal) how to gallop.


Alternate picking + metronome.
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well my main problem is a technique problem i mean i know how to alternate pick like nobodys business but i mean its more like switching chords, especially barre chords(not power chords, my friend always gets those 2 mixed up) and i play mainly classic rock whenever i do covers, but other than that i play blues rock, and some metal
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Unless you play stuff that only switches on the Beat, i suggest you practice subdividing beats (like counting in 8th and 16th notes) so that if a song is hitting before or after the beat, youll be able to do it easier.

Also, for metal. Learn Iron Maiden and Amon Amarth rythms, those will help you with Galloped and Alt Picked metal rythms, and for chording just start with some really simple stuff like AC/DC.
Metal:Learn as many power chords as you can. Learn the galloping rhythm. Improve your alternate picking. Play with a metronome. Learn to identify notes in a scale and what chords go with certain scales in certain keys. Practice pentatonic speed runs and tapping.

Rock and Roll: Learn as many ways of playing the 12 bar blues as possible. Work on pentatonics ina all forms. Depending on how you play the 12 bar blues and your pentatonics you could play like Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. My point is the 12 bar blues cover a lot of styles and pentatonic is the most widely played scale in music. All blues artists are likely to use the pentatonic scale, and so are a lot of metal musicians. Stevie Ray Vaughan loves the pentatonic scale, and Zakk Wylde uses nothing but alternative picked pentatonic licks.
Just keep in mind that you can't become a good lead guitarist unless you're already a competent rhythm player.
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A good thing for rhythm playing is punk music. It's mainly chords, and mainly rhythm work aswell.

So maybe try some Sex Pistols, Ramones, and maybe blink 182 and The Offspring. The Offspring really did improve my rhythm work.
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