Hey, whenever i'm finished playing guitar my elbow and around my elbow is in pain, especially after ive ben doing alot of fast picking. It's a sort of acheing pain. I am sure that i am not picking with my elbow, i used to do that but changed my technique. I now pick with my wrist, and my elbow still hurts after i play. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea why, or an ways to help. Thank you!
you probably just think you have changed, and you actually didn't.
the next time you play, keep looking at your picking hand/arm, and see what you're doing.
if you actually have stopped picking from the arm, you should go see a doctor. just a possibility that you may have extended some tendon or muscle.
I experience the same thing too, but only when I do lots of downpicking, like Master of Puppets, and what I do to get rid of the tension is to stretch my arm whenever there is a chance.
If your elbow is tense, it doesn't matter where you "pick from" - it'll get sore. Go back to basics, figure out whether/why your eblow is tense and fix it by practicing slow and loose until you can play the same stuff again.
I have pain in my left elbow (im right handed) at the moment aswell. Is it to do with repetitive strain injury
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