so i bought an mxr ten band eq and would like to know who has one and settings for it.

Im running a schecter c-1 hellraiser through a b52 at212. And im looking to get a tighter bottom end and punch. I dont scoop my mids on my amp. I play rythem in a metal core band. Also has anyone used an isp decimator g string with a setup like mine?

Put a sadface in the EQ
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do a bit of a boost on 250, that will add some low end meat. I personally cut back the 2 lowest frequencies to remove some mud, and then leave 125 at 0.

500; boost similarly to 250, depending on taste. Also boost 1k & 2k a bit. The rest can be flat or modified to taste.

Basically what I do with mine, boosting mids and dropping the low-low.
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Well are you after your own sound, or trying to copy someones in particular? Do you always leave it on, or want it for a boost?

If your unsure, set your amp EQ to 5, then play around with the settings. I find EQ pedals work much better in the loop.
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