hey I have a yamaha classical acoustic for sale. Found it in an apartment I was cleaning out. Also with it is a hard shell case and an electric tuner. I will put new strings on it before selling it. Also I am willing to trade as well. Just make an offer in either form (cash or trade) and I'll get back to you. Thanks
pics? very serious about buying, also location
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i'll post the pics tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up...and also I live in pittsburgh pa if that helps you out.

pics in t minus 9 hours and counting
hey for some reason i can't post a picture can anyone help me out with this or tell me where i can send it to you? i'm sorry i'm real confused i haven't done this in a while
ok so i think i got it...i remember how to do it again that is...here's two of the pictures. The first is of the actual guitar itself and the second is of a ding on the back of the guitar. Also if it helps there is a model number stamped on the inside of the guitar that reads G-55A. Let me know if this helps and any other offers!

well the guy up top offered 100 so i guess i'll start there...also i'm up for trades