do any of you guys watch that show?
i personally think in the funniest show in ever...
if you've never seen it, watch it when it comes on. cause there are no good clips on youtube.
but really, watch it. it'll change your life forever.

and if you do watch it, what are your favorite clips?
i like any of the clips with Charlie in it.
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goin' back to Philly. I don't think so.
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My favorite one is where Frank and Charlie are tailgating and they both drop LSD. Frank is convinced he's locked in the bathroom and Charlie is dressed as the green man dancing. Hilarious
One of the best shows on TV. I love when Charlie is in the wheelchair and tells the waitress at the club "Viet God Damn Nam's what happened, go get me a beer bitch!" Haha never gets old.
Great Great Show. You can watch all of the third season at hulu.com
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The thing that draws me into this show so much are the titles of the episodes.
"Charlie Gets Molested"
"The Gang Exploits a Miracle"
"Charlie Goes America on everyones ass"

Great great great show
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day man (awwaahhaaa)
fighter of the night man (awwaahhaaa)
champion of the sun (awwaahhaaa)
hes a master of karate and friendship
for every one.

god i love that show, cant wait for the new season


A close second would have to be when Mac Charlie and Dennis are looking for new guys to hang out with and they print the dick flyers.
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Quote by aaron6890
day man (awwaahhaaa)
fighter of the night man (awwaahhaaa)
champion of the sun (awwaahhaaa)
hes a master of karate and friendship
for every one.

god i love that show, cant wait for the new season

favorite episode right there!

My friends older brothers band actually made a cover version of this song gradually getting faster each time through.
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Charlie's Campaign Script (as read by Dennis):
Hello fellow American. This, you should vote, me. I leave power. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you vote me, I'm hot. Taxes, they'll be lower. Sun. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do Philadelphia, so do.

However, the greatest episode ever is "100 Dollar Baby". An obvious parody of "Million Dollar Baby" in which Charlie and Dee both take a ****load of steroids and hilarity ensues.
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It's one of the greatest shows ever created, lol. I have the whole first and second seasons on DVD, and I still find myself watching episodes from it and laughing hard every single time. The onl show on TV that makes me laugh as hard is Family Guy.
Nightman clip

So many funny episodes like the one where Mac goes to the anti-abortion rally bangs that chick and then tries to get her to have an abortion. The one where Dee and Denis get addicted to crack or the one where Charlie parties with the jockeys until they tell him to do a line of coke off the horses d ick.Or the one where Charlie convinces the Korean girl to leave the "North" Korean restaurant and enters her in a wet t shirt contest only to find out she's 12
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Dee is so hot.

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greatest show ever. does anybody know the progression to Day Man. i really want to learn to play it.


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