Hey, I have had the same guitar teacher for about three years, basically when i started playing.

I was just wondering if i should go find a new one, as i might find new things to learn from other guitar players. Any thoughts?
that's what i've been wanting to do. not now though because i feel that my teacher hasn't taught me everything he knows yet. maybe in like 2-3 year or do what randy rhoads did. he would find a new teacher every time he was in a new city on tour
i have had 5 different teachers. Not by choice though... they all left my school or whatever. Anyway! Im currently learning from two teachers; one in school and one privately. I do my exams and theory and general learning from the private teacher, and I use the school one to get gigs and play with other people.
At the moment, the teacher im with (out of school) is fantastic and I'll probably stay with him for a long time.
Its also good to try and teach others. I'm doing semi-formal lessons with a couple of groups of students at lunch times. Some of them pay me, if I actually teach them the theory or if I set up exams for them, and the others are just there to learn the basics and jam with other people.
anyway... the more teachers the better... You're never gonna live up to your own standards, but you may as well try