I dented the bottom part of the body, is there any special glue for guitars I can put on it?
glue ? wth? why would u use glue on something that u dont want to stick something on. put on paint or nailpolish to cover it up or even some clearcoat.
eh thats a badge of honor friend but...if you want to get rid of it you could steam the wood to make the dent swell back or close to where it was before. if you have a friend with experience doing this that'll be good. plus what type of wood is the body and can you post a pic?
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Strip the paint about three inches around the dent. Use wood filler or something that will stick to the wood and still be dense enough and fill the dent up. Sand it until it's flush with the body, re-apply paint.
It's a lot better to leave the dent unless you plan on selling it though.
Or you can steam the dent out
basically you place a wet cloth over the dent, put a hot soldering gun on it and the dent will expand. Then you can sand it down and repaint
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