Hey guys, I have a song that I'm writing that's called "Generation of The Damned." I want the lyrics to be about where humanity stands and where it's stood before. But this isn't about the lyrics, it's about most of the guitar tracks I've recorded for it. There are some minor screw ups and some parts that I'm going to re-edit once I record the rest of the parts for it, but anyways, heres the location for it:


The band I was in was called Casting Shade (didn't even think about the Shadows Fall song until I left haha). I want a new name, since I found and am with a drummer who's got the same intentions as I do. The name has to sound unique but nothing corny. It's got to be a metal name (there's too many generic ones out there in my opinion). So if you've got any ideas, I would love to see what you guys have.

And tell me what you think of the song so far haha
To be honest, I think the theme of the song is really, really overdone.
Plus, humanity has always been ****ed up. So... Yeah.

Regardless, the song is really sick. The leads are especially great.
Thanks a lot for the input guys. This stuff helps me out a lot...and come to think of it, it really is overdone (especially with metal bands). I still don't have lyrics, and now I'm wanting to change the theme of the song after thinking about how overdone the humanity theme really is...so if you guys have any ideas...i would love to hear them!

I'm glad you guys like the song, everyone who has listented to it has told me that really liked it.

Anyone else who's got more opinions feel free to tell me what you think