Hey I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do about reverb...

Anyway, right now I'm just playing on a little Crate 15w practice amp. It's really all I need, since I don't play in a band nor do I do any gigs so I don't need anything that's really big or loud. Soundwise, well it's a 15w practice amp, but I'm not that unhappy with it. I've really been digging the reverb sound lately and was wondering what the best way to introduce reverb without spending too much money.

I could get a reverb pedal of some kind. I've been looking around and they are all pretty expensive, around $100-150, but I feel like they would probably sound the best, and I could continue to use them if I ever upgraded my amp in the future. However, a lot of bigger amps come with reverb of some kind, and I don't see why I couldn't just use the reverb included with the amp.

Which brings me to my second option. I could trade in my Crate for whatever amount of money I'll get and I could use that money towards a different amp. It would still probably be a little practice amp, but one with reverb. This would probably be the cheaper option, but it would probably also sound the worst. Although I can't see myself being too concerned with the sound, I mean I'm happily playing a Crate 15w right now...

I'm not really in the market to upgrade to a decent amp right now though, being in an out-of-state college it is really a hassle to have something so big in my dorm when I won't be playing very loud, and I'd hate to have to transport it anywhere.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Why the hell would you spend that much on reverb?

If you're going to be just practicing and want to jam with whatever effects you want, get this. I have one and it's FANTASTIC. it will do anything I want it to do, including reverbs. You can get it on ebay new for $150, I got mine for $115 shipped.

It turns out right now on ebay they don't have any though, but they have the GFX-8, which is ultimately better, and is also $150. Check it out.

Big picture:

You know, I had thought about getting a multi-effects pedal, too. I just don't know how "good" they are because it seems like most people end up just using individual pedals. I had looked at the Digitech ones, the RP90 or the RP250 depending on how much I want to spend. Are multi-effects really any good?

How hard are they to learn? Especially since I don't really know much about effects...
crazy talking animals
Digitech multieffects are a no-no. Plastic cases, and generally stale effects. I know from experience. They are not hard to learn at all once you get the gist of it.

I still highly advise the zoom because they are extremely durable(metal cases) and they are Japanese-made, not flimsy stuff from china that gets mass produced.

Ultimately, individual pedals will be better, but to have all the effects the gfx series have(any model) would probably cost thousands for everything individually. I love mine, I mostly just use it for noise suppression, compression, wah, flange, chorus, and delays.

A local store here sells them, i'm not sure if they sell them locally where you are. But if you can take the plunge just grab one off ebay