anyone own this bass or have played one? any thoughts?


im thinking about buying one and just want to know what people think of it.
the link didnt work for me
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You know it's funny I was looking at the regular L-2000 bass about 5 minutes before I saw your thread.

Honestly I've never even seen a G&L in a store. I have only heard good things about the quality and reliability of the brand though. Also the tributes are foreign versions of their American-made line of basses. So take both of these pretty useless pieces of information for what they're worth. Did you get to try one of these bad boys out?
I've played them. tonally, I find it equal if not better than most similarly priced Fenders, and feel-wise, it has a rather precision like feel.
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About a month ago I bought myself a L-2000 and they are fantastic. The tribute are also very good for the price because even though they are made in Indonesia I believe they still have the same hardware as the American models. Try them out and see if they are for you I think they're the best basses i have ever played but that's just me.
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