K so i just got Avast and im looking to clean up my pc. How do i put on a auto defrag and disc cleanup and any other useful things i need to do (so that it does it the same time every few days)
If you really want to clean up your PC try Ccleaner. It works very well and its FREE!!!
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also from the same people who make ccleaner download defraggler, really good fast defrag tool, will help lots
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Anyways why not just reformat the computer?
that will wipe the drive(s) clean and get a lot of speed back into the system. You will need to backup important files to an external drive or DVD though but its a great way to wipe the computer of any unneeded files.
i also agree with formatting hardrives, visit less porn sites
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Used Scheduled tasks in windows in your control panel... that should work :|
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All sounded like good advice to me.
start>programs>accessories>system tools> disc defrag?
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get a duplicate file finder Or an all 1 one program that has defrag/cleaner/registry in it. like easy cleaner, and get a other anti virus, i had avast and run a scan and found nothin. like 1 hour later i let NOD32 do it. 1399!! hits. most of them adware. but it helps
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