So today I saw an ad in a magazine in the classifieds and someone's selling a Marshall JCM 50 watt for $950 AUD (it's 24 years old).

Co-incidentally, I saw a Marshall JCM head in the music store I went to and so decided to try it out through an Ashton cabinet.

Now what I want to know is, was it the cabinet or the amp head which produced the great sound? And is it worth forking out $950 for the amp? I recently bought a Peavey Valveking for $450, but I reckon I can sell it again for $500 and then sell my VOX for $300 and then my old Fender amp for $200 and get the money for the Marshall, but I don't know if it's worth it.

Should I go sell my stuff and get the amp, or should I just replace the speaker in my Valveking?

The head is what makes most of the tone. Ashton isn't very good anyway, so it was definetly the great sound of the head. Make sure that it is the same JCM that you played at the shops before you buy it though. JCM800's, 900's and 2000's sound a lot different to each other. If it was 24 years old, it was probably a JCM800.

Was the amp you saw in the classifieds a combo or a head?
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get it. the old marshalls are some of the best amps ever made. and 50 watts is as loud as you'll ever need.

one suggestion : try before you buy. go over and try out his amp before selling all your gear, because not all tube amps sound alike.
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What the hell is a Jcm 50?

You mean a JCM800 that is 50 watts? If so than please buy it.

Not all JCM800s are that great.

If its a vertical input 2203 or 2204, its a great deal.

Just my opinion but the 2205 and 2210 are really nothing special.