Yes, UG, I got shat on by a bird. The other day I was walking across my campus (I'm taking summer school). It was a sunny day, with a clear blue sky. Out of the corner of my eye I see a seagull (or pigeon, I'm not sure) closing in on me.

In retrospect it reminded me of an Ace Combat replay of a jet closing in on a ground target. Before I knew it, I felt a sensation like it rained for 1 or 2 seconds. I looked up and was like, WTF? Then I looked at my arms and saw the piss and sh*t that the bird dumped on me. Yes, UG, I got shat on by a bird.

Before, I had suspected birds target other animals to **** on but now I'm 100% sure. Does anyone else have similar stories?
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yeah. a bird relieved itself on my HEAD while i was hunting. it was on a branch right above me. there wasnt any deer around, and i was bored... so, i take off my orange cap and start playing with it. bad move. very bad move.

Being shat on is annoying, but not as scary as actually being attacked by birds. As in they swoop you for getting too close to their babies or whatever, stupid birds, it's their fault for not living in trees like the rest of the bird population.
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You should have shat on the bird in retaliation.

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When I was ten years old I naively thought it would be nice to feed some bread to a mother goose and her goslings . She proceeded to chase me and I instinctively ran like hell until I remembered that I was bigger than her, so I turned and decided to chase her to see how she liked it. It turns out she wasn't in the least bit impressed by courage or stature.
More running commenced.

At a family barbecue I was for some reason in a debate with my mother over where the table should go on the yard. I was adamant in my conviction that my chosen spot was superior to hers, but I yielded. I suspect that my mother wishes that I hadn't because shortly after sitting down my mother was bombarded by bird crap.
Pigeons and seagulls are like flying rats. Chances are, TS, you have the bubonic plague now.
Seems like you need to invest in a good tennis racket.
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A bird got me once. It went on my head, my nose, my glasses, and then later, I found some more inside my pencil case.
Reminds me of when my choir toured around san francisco. We were all messing around on the pier, and I had this big rice-krispy treat cube thing. I was pretty full so I threw it to a seagull, and suddenly out of nowhere, 50+ seagulls appear out of nowhere and start circling, people started screaming and running.

True story.
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anyone remember when that tennis player Andre Agassi had a bird shat on him during a tennis match. That was pretty good.
That happened to me at school in grade 3. I was in the yard with my friends and suddenly I was hit by a seagull bomb. It felt like I was punched in the shoulder by a very large man, I nearly fell down. I was stunned and it took a few seconds before I could figure out what happened. My shoulder was a mess so I removed my jacket and rolled it into a bundle for my mother to wash later.

The force of the impact still impresses me.
I got shat on in the movies once.

No joke.

A fucking sparrow (or whatever they are) was caught in the hall outside the movie theater. No-one had saw it before this, I was just standing around, out of nowhere, I get shat on.

I could not find humour in the situation until about a week later. Fuckin' sparrows.
I got hit in the shoulder about 6 months ago. I was pissed off.