i got this new PRS se single cut guitar and its buzzing like crazy. It especially bad on the 4th 5th and 6th strings and get worse closer to where the neck and body meet. I tried adjusting the string height and it helped but it was still buzzing on some frets when it was way to high. I lowered it to a reasonable level and its buzzing again. Do you guys know what i should do. The store has a 30 day return policy but i would like to keep the guitar.
i heard that but i read it only adjust the tone of the guitar? is that not true?
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^No, not at all.
You just need to give it a setup.

i keep hearing that, what does that actually mean...so my guitar will be fine you think?
it means youre probably just adjusting it wrong

tell the sotre you want it adjusted
What does a setup mean, is that what you're asking?
Adjusting the truss rod, adjusting the bridge ect. Basically just giving your guitar 'tune up' I guess you would say. If you haven't done it before or know anything about it, I'd suggest a guitar tech or a freind who knows what he's doing to do it for you. Everybodys gotta learn sometime, but I wouldn't experiment for the first time on any PRS. If you go to a tech, be sure to tell them how you want it set up, or else theres a chance you wont feel to comfotable the way they do it. For instance, I took my Dean to get setup when I first got it, and the guy did a **** job on it. I knew how to do it but was lazy, but in the end I had to do it anyways.

Just go to a shop, tell them you want a proper setup. They're going to ask you what kind of strings to put on, tell them what you want, tell them what tuning to set the guitar up in, and tell them you like your action high/low. I think a setup cost anywere from $30-$50 bucks on average.
Before you do anything, can you hear it buzzing only acoustically or through the amp too? Because if the buzzing isn't going through the amp then you shouldn't change anything; you could do a truss rod to raise the action, but then you're doing just that: raising the action. I

Bottom line: if you can't hear the strings buzzing through the amp, then don't change the setup simply because you don't want the strings to buzz.