Hey everyone. I want to know what everyone thinks of these two multi effect systems. I haven't owned a pedal before but I have used many and know a lot about them. I want to know if the wah and distortion settings are any good in those two. Also, do they really suck your tone even when they're off? And sometimes when I use digital effects it prevents some of my legato notes from coming out, and I have seen a lot of people who face the same problem. These are the only systems available so don't suggest anything else.

Thank you.
i have used the Korg ax1500g and i was pretty happy with it. it has good effects and the distortion models are good. the only problem is that the pedal doesnt move much(30 degrees max). So you cant get very good Wah effects, but otherwise a great processor.
Haven't used the Boss
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That's funny, salil91...
...I haven't used the Kork, or the GT-6, but I own the new Boss GT-10.
I would guess the GT-6 would be pretty old, because I owned a Boss GT-8 when that was new, and that was years ago.
If the Korg is new, then I'd say get that.
At a guess, I'd say if the Korg is newer, it'll probably beat the Boss.
But if they're about the same, I'd recommend the Boss, as I've owned (and used) Vox's, Digitechs', Korgs' and Boss pedals, and I would say overall Boss and Digitech are the best for recording, and Vox and Boss for gigging. I wasn't too fond of the Korg.
I've used both and i think think the boss is better allround unit.
The models especially the low gain ones on Korg is great but the GT has a parametric EQ so gives better flexibilty...

And also there is only 1 wah effect on the korg and it has a very limited sweep. The boss on the other hand has 4 wah models and has a better sweep and tweakabilty..
Well I am leaning more towards the Boss, but many people have used it and put ads to sell it so I am worried that it might not be worth getting. But most of them aren't really serious about guitar.
I've had the AX1500G and the GT-8. The AX1500G doesn't hold a candle. The AX1500G is a cheaply unit with some decent distortion sounds. But I'd rather have the GT-6.
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I need a multi-fx because I can't afford to buy a single stomp box for every effect there is, and I cover a lot of songs with different effects in them.
you'd be far better off getting a Line6 PODxt Live. I have owned a GT6 for the past 3 years, and let me tell you this - you'll find it ok after infinite tweaking no doubt, and probably will work for your studio environment. However, if you ever get a quality guitar, and tube amp, and were then to use the GT6 as your FX unit, you'll feel like actually stomping that thing to pieces. It sucks the life out of your tone. At least, I've heard better things about the Line6 unit.

I wouldn't be too harsh on your choice of a FX unit, if you were planning to use the 4-Cable Method and put your multi-FX to run in parallel with the FX-loop of a good tube amp, but in your case, you're using a solid state amp, so that's not really an option.

I really feel your issue here, because at this point in time, my GT6 is sitting next to a trash can in the basement of my house, and I usually plug my american deluxe strat, straight through to a '77 Fender Super Reverb. I really do miss using overdrive/distortion, but I'd rather play clean than have that digitized sound.
I own the AX1000G, and I'm not too sure how much of an improvement the AX1500G is, but they shouldn't be TOO different...

The Wah is pretty much just for bedroom use, like other posters mentioned, the sweep is pretty limited and the wah is pretty crappy. I use a dunlop crybaby with mine.

I've been gigging with mine for about 6 months. The thing is built like a brick but the level control switches tend to come off and fall into the cracks.

The amp modeling, distortion and OD, and delay are excellent and will almost match single stompboxes for quality. Almost.

Bypass is hard to do, you either have to hold one of the patch switches for a second, or you have to edit a patch and fiddle until you have something that sounds bypassed, so I wouldn't use this in conjunction with other FX.

I think you could probably pick one up second hand for really cheap!

I haven't used a GT-6, but I've used an older ME-series multifx from Boss and I've found them to be OK but the distortions on them were horrible!
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+1 for POD XT Live. Never tried the GT6 or korg either, but am very farmiliar with the boss me 33 and RP 300. The POD has better tone then both of those hands down and i never did like the me that much, but a friend of mine bought one of those clapton pedals and tied it into his me, the results were really good. Gave him better tone then he ever had before. I told him he should just bolt the 2 together and leave it. Still didn't sound as good as the POD, but much better.
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Well RP300 is digitech. Anyway I am not sure but I think I might find a used POD XT Live, does it sound too digital? And how are the different effects on it, especially the wah because I really need that. I like the wah tones of Joe Satriani and Zakk Wylde mainly.
It's not bad, I don't use it that much so someone else may be more useful and indepth. Through my Valve Junior it doesn't sound digital. There are some effects i don't like and never use, but this thing is far beyond any preamp you'll find in an SS amp unless you get real expensive.
Dean Icon PZ
Line 6 Variax 700
Dean V-Wing
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Valve Junior (V3 Head/Cab and Combo)
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