Hey everybody,
For a few years now I've been craving to play a KE2 or KV2 Jackson. Unfortunatly, there are no USA Jackson dealers in my area, so the only way I'd be able to play one is by buying one, or traveling a pretty far distance (like 2 hours) to play one. I've noticed/heard flaws about each guitar. The flaw about the KV2 would be access to the higher notes, can anyone verify this? The flaw I've heard of with the KE2 is that they are kind of neck heavy, can anyone verify this as well? The only thing that turns me off about the KE2 is the '1 volume, 1 tone', but that could be fixed, and unfortunatly the lower fret access on the KV2 is throwing me off.

I was wondering if anybody has any good pictures of both of these guitars. It dosn't matter what the picture is focused on, but I'd like to get a nice pic of the heel on each of these guitars. I'm not set one buying either one just yet, I'm just trying to get everything I think I'd need to know if I did get one.
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Alright, got KV2 pics from someone off the ESP boards. I just need pics of the KE2.
lower fret access?

how would you have poor lower fret access?
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well a friend of mine has a KE3, bolt on so i cant say about fret access, but the neck doesnt dive, and fret access seemed to be okay when ive tried out KV's
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