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sx strat
2 12%
mexican strat
15 88%
Voters: 17.
Which do you think is better? I found an early 00s mexican strat for about $80 more than what I can get an SX strat for from rondo music.
Mexican strat? As in Fender? If so, get it!
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I bought an agile and really liked it. I was just wondering if the mexican strats of that age are really $80 better than the current sx. I did play an sx strat in a pawn shop once, and thought it was a pretty decent guitar, albeit heavy.
i imagine the fender might have better resale value, if thats a factor.
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Yes, thats a great price. There could be a catch to it, its that cheap. The Mexican Strats are quite good.
How much is it?




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The Fender. SX really aren't that good. More budget gear.
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yeh get the mexican, the construction quality is really good and it sounds like a strat should
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As cheap as SX is, it's pretty much built for the price, that's about it. You'd do much better with the Mexi-Strat, honestly. If you clean the SX up and give it a once over with the upgrade pick, it could be a pretty good guitar but stock, the Mexi is better.
My SX SST57 Looks and Plays better than all the MIM's I tried out at our local GC. I'm not kidding - it's a sweet Ax. The new stock is coming in with better workmanship, QC, etc. My action was PERFECT - no buzzing - no intonation problems, frets were sweet - hell they felt like they'd been polished. My Pickups and electronics all work nicely and it stays in tune for days on end!

The high-gloss Maple Fretboard is amazing - better than any MIM I tested and sure beats ANY of the SQUIERS I was looking at too. Super Slick and fast as snot!

I put the Whammy back on it now and I use it sparingly but haven't really had any tuning issues doing so.
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