Ok now I know that this should probably be in the bands and artists section, but I figure that most of the people who like Thomas Leeb hang out here...

I need to know the names of the first 2 songs that he plays in this video:

If you know the title of either it would be appreciated. I think the first one might just be improvisation though...

The first one is Akaskero and the second one is Oachkatzlschwoaf .
Oh and also, do you know what tunings they are in? I'm guessing DADGAD seeing as he seems to use it quite a bit...
No, he doesn't usually use DADGAD, only in one song that I know, Upside Down. He plays in quite a few alternate tunings, and most of his videos on youtube show what tuning the song is in. His most common tuning is BEDF#AD it seems.

I'm currently tabbing his song Grooveyard, and would like to learn his cover of No Woman, No Cry and Desert Pirate, but I think I'll buy the tabs for the latter instead of trying to figure it out....
Can anyone help me find tabs to thomas leeb no woman no cry really want to learn this song