I'm not going to get another guitar in a while, but when i do get one, its going to be a les paul. I'm probably going to have about a thousand dollars, i could have more, or i could have less, but probably about 1,000.
I've heard that a lot of studio suck, some are good, and some are bad, and i haven't heard to much about elitists.
so which one is better?
Try both. Then try a Japanese Tokai. Then rejoice
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The Elitist is excellent, if you can find them anymore
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Elitists are good. but if you like the Studio better, go for it. but i suggest playing both first. play a bunch of studios and pick the best one.,
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Whichever one plays better.

The QC on the Studio is a bit hit-or-miss (I've played ones I've hated but a few I've felt sad to leave at the guitar store). I assume the QC on the Elitist is better.
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Studios are class if you can find a good one - they have terrible QC, some are awesome, some suck.

Elitists are a pretty safe bet. Personally, I'd look into Japanese copy makes, and maybe an Ibanez ART series.