My left hand's index finger is kinda hurting right now. Anyone who ever played Waking The Demon by BFMV should somehow understand it (?).
So what can i do? Put some tape on it? Ice? Anything?
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It even says "High Quality" in the title, so you KNOW it's quality
+2. you need to play more so that your fingers would become stronger.
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You'll eventually get callus's. (IDK how to spell, but you should get it)
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Play more.

I've been playing this song a lot recently. That song needs the index finger to act as a capo on three strings. And it's somehow killing my finger. Maybe i hust push too hard, IDK.
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It even says "High Quality" in the title, so you KNOW it's quality
not much you can do dude, maybe wait for a day or so, but i really doubt theres any permanent damage to your hand unless you set it on fire or got mauled by sumthing big. the more you play the less it will hurt, i recommend playing at least an hour a day, start with that and play maybe 5 minutes more everyday until you make it up to 2 or 3 hours, at that point you could get chainsawed and ur fingers wouldnt hurt.
It depends on the type of pain. After looking at the tab, I would imagine that it's a pain in your fingertip. That can really only be overcome by playing enough to develop calluses. This usually takes over a year of consistent playing. Although, having played for 7 years, I still get these kinds of pain when I play a riff that requires me to hold down a note for the whole song (actually, I've written a lot of those kinds of songs. Curse you DADGAD!)

If you're feeling pain in your joints, I'd recommend seeing a doctor about it. Skin will get over things and become tougher, but joints and bones rarely do.
Well it's not in the fingertips. And it's not really in my joints either. It's kinda in between. But thanks for the help all of you. I think i just need more time with that song.
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It even says "High Quality" in the title, so you KNOW it's quality
If it's pain from being SORE you would just be fine playing through it, it'll make you stronger. But if you just have bad PAIN, you should probably stop until it goes away. If you play through PAIN you could compound a problem, but if you're just sore take breaks and let your muscles heal between sessions and you'll be fine.