ok so my parents,freinds,teachers and just about everybody else is tellin me its about time (im 17) i pick a career. im doin my a level and would probably pass with 3 Cs.

I just wanted to know if out of those of you who have a job and thier own house\apartment wat kinda jobs u had and wat gear u had?

u kno so i can have some kinda idea wat job i might want
i think what you have to do is sit down and think - what do i want fom life? if u wanna be rich, then buckling down and doing something thats going to make you a lot of money is the way to go. if you wanna do something you enjoy then it might take you down a different path and you'll have to decide what it is you enjoy.

the two things can be the same, but usually for very lucky people.
Some people never work out what they want to do

I realised I want to work in radio at 18
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