News is out of things to report on huh?
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if someone sigs this i will be fairly displeased.

Lady Gaga has a penis! >>EVIDENCE<<

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News is out of things to report on huh?

Never read the onion?

Its a fake newspaper.

Either that, or my sarcasm detector is broken.
Psuedo Radio News first, I believe. The local rock station's been playing it for a loooooooooong time.

Edit: Am I the only one searching for "xblingdaddy2005x" on YouTube?
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i love the onion.

did anybody see the world of world of warcraft thing they did awhile back?

*edit: ha ha. here it is.
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Hahaha that was awesome! I always pick up a copy of the Onion on my way to the bus station, it's free!
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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
internet is a very useful and very ugly also.
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College humor had something like this, only it was a video, it was pretty funny...
business internet commenters meeting

and the funeral internet commenters meeting
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