I've currently got a yamaha pacifica 112v and when I bring the pick upselector all the way up the tone seems to be quiter than when it's down. Is this due to selecting the single coil instead of the humbucker or is there an other reason for this?
The bridge humbucker tends to be louder than the single coil pickups on my Pacifica -- I think that is fairly standard, though. The trebly bite of the bridge probably makes the tone seem louder, too.
^ i think he means the tone and volume knobs, which on any cheap guitar, is more or less true. can be rectified for very little money (like, less than £20 if not £10) if you can solder, though.

just to clarify the original problem- do you mean that the tone is warmer, or that the volume is lower, or both?

a neck single coil will probably be a little warmer than a bridge humbucker (though it'll be brighter in a different way, if that makes sense, because it's a single coil), and will probably also be lower in volume.

it's kind of hard to say though, as depending on what it sounds like, there could be something wrong too...
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