Is there a difference based on the alnico? Or does it really depend on the winding? I'm going to upgrade the pickups on my mim strat to GFS premium alnico 2. Although the MIM strat pups aren't amazing for pinch harmonics I could still get some decent ones. I'm a bit worried that I wont be able to get the pinch harmonics for the usual Pink floyd solos with the Alnico 2's since they are vintage voiced... Any ideas?
i recommend lace sensors. all three. blue red silver.

i swear, they sound amazing for absolutely anything.
when does the floyd use pinch harmonics??
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I use alnico 2's and I have no trouble with pinch harmonics, the main thing I find with the different magnets is the amount of treble increases with the number, I used to use 5's and they were too trebley for my taste, the 2's are nice and smooth
Not a major effect, I would be more worried about your amp and settings. Pick the ones you think sound best, the effect on pinch harmonics will be negligable.
K thanks for the response guys you've been very helpful. Ill probably go with the alnico 2's since I find alnico 5's too trebly when cranked. By the way David gilmour uses pinch harmonics in many solos, among them the last solo for comfertably number(the first note) and I think I hear a pinch harmonic near the end of another brink in the wall pt2 solo.