Hey, so I have/had an MG250DFX for some time and it's been doing good and I like the sound and all, BUUUT, recently this problem showed up.

Basically, it happens mostly when the volume is cranked up, and sometimes at middle volumes, but what happens is that the sound starts oscillating (it goes up and down alone). Sometimes it's a pain in the butt cuz it goes low and STAYS low for sometime. The way I got around to fixing this problem TEMPORARILY was by tilting the foot-switch input jack (which goes into the back of the amp) up and down a little. This just caused the entire module (or the headpiece of the combo) that slides in to get slightly moved (although it is firmly placed there with screws and all that) and fixes it just for some time, but then it may happen again.

The problem with that is that I can't really take it to a tech, since the problem doesn't ALWAYS happen, and so it cannot be demonstrated... on top of that, the warranty requires that they take it ALL THE WAY back to the factory and all the complications, etc... then send it back like 20 yrs later, but I use my amp very frequently.

Now my prediction of what might be wrong is that there may be some sort of loose contact inside (cuz of vibrations at high volumes cause contact to go on and off), but I checked and everything seemed fine; nothing blown/fried, everything seems to be well in place. As u may imagine, the amp is ABSOLUTELY NOT reliable in its current condition which makes it un-giggable, and my budget is kinda low now, so I can't rlly trade-in/buy a new one.

Any suggestions of what might be wrong? Anyone has had the same problem? Any help is appreciated
power usage in the house probably.
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I had an MG for some time, then it poop'd on me too. Then I got a new amp. See a pattern?