Hey man I really dig this song. The Egyptian feel truly brings out your guitar tone pretty nicely. The palm mutes are silky smooth btw. And I agree with the beginning sounding very Iron Maiden. The whole song flows pretty well, and there's very good variety. The guitars a little off in some parts, but it's so minor it's honestly nothing. Keep on rocking, because this is awesome.

Thanks for the crit for Through the Night
I liked the egyptian style never really heard this really before so definitely original. the riff at 1:20 to around 1:30 ish sounded really familiar but anyways i think your tone is good. Without lyrics, in my opinion it gets a little repetitive until you change the riff at about 3:00 i like the build up with the chords but at first it sounds like the lead doesnt really go to together with the chords it doesnt really sound right idk...i think you should have solo'd or something near the end but overall the song sounds pretty good..considering it doesnt have drums or anything you should add this stuff and see what is sounds like
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Hey man, thanks for the crit. I definitely like the Egyptian sound to it. You have great tone on this sound that really compliments the palm mutes nicely. The song sounds really nice but it gets repetitive after a while. The acoustic guitar really adds to the song I think.
Sorry for the late crit, I did not realize you had reviewed mine. Sounded great, but the part from about 1:09-1:15 sounded weird (I assume from harmonizing in the Harmonic minor?). The part where you are taking the same pattern and moving it up chromatically was also a cool part. Overall a great instrumental, I would work on some more variety though, as a large portion of the song is the palm muted chords with the fill in between, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think if you mixed it up a bit more it would greatly improve the song.
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Sounds good!

I want to hear this song with proper recording and drums!
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This a pretty sick recording i must but it gets a little repetitive but thats okay.

Good Work!
Thanks for all the crits guys.

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very nice, really cool egyptian sounding
but i agree it does needs some drums, and i can't really hear the bass if there is any.
Overall : 4.1/5


if you get a chance crit


Yeah, I agree with you and everyone else who said it needs drums, and theres not any bass in this recording but there will be on the final one.
not a bad one but definitely one is missing the drums here, the lack of them makes it a bit boring

egyptian sound ... let me guess, harmonic minor scale?


Very nice intro..

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