What themes do you guys recommend for windows? I'm really into the forest/ any beautiful scenery atmosphere, and also was wondering if they make any noise regardless of if you press anything. Example would be if I had a beach theme, and in the background you would hear faint noises of water splashing on the shore.

Thanks in advance if you can help!
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Im not sure about background noises, but you get noises when clicking on stuff etc...
I never thought of it, is there a place where you can get more themes for windows XP?
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I never thought of it, is there a place where you can get more themes for windows XP?

Google :P
I use Alienware themes....they look cooler....but I would seriously suggest checking Microsoft's website, they might have something.

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Rush have a 2112 theme.


It's awesome.
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if you want custom themes, check out an app called WindowBlinds. you can download custom windows themes and they have tons of em. i use it right now on my xp and i have a vista theme, an apple theme, and a few other goofy ones that i use for fun.

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