You have some pretty sweets riffs. I like the switch at around :45. Of course, the rhythm just by itself is a little repetitive without vocals going on, but it's definitely very solid. Nice tone btw. Nice and airy. The part at 1:44 is a nice change up to the song. Still heavy and haunting, but catches you by the balls. I thought the solos could be quite a bit louder. It's almost drowned out by everything else.

Overall, excellent workmanship. Really dig it. Thanks for the crit
That was very good actually, with vocals that could be a great piece, only things I'd pick up on to change are the lead guitar was much too quiet, I could barley hear it, and the rhythm guitar was much too loud, the drums were weak and quiet too, so nice playing, but the mix could have been better handled
I liked the intro riff a bit, set up a very dark mood for the song. I thought the riff at :24 to about :42 was alright, nothing special.. Slayer type of riff for me, but with vocals over it I'm sure it'll be fine. But I really liked the riff after that, also it fit very well. The rhythms before the solo had a very nice set up for the solo, but like others have said it should be turned up in the mix, the solos themselves sounded good though, particularly the second one. I also liked the outro, although it might've repeated a few too many times. Very nice song overall though.

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