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Hey, I'm about to finally pick up a new guitar, and was wondering about string gauges and tunings.

On my current guitar I have .009 strings, and it gives me a problem when trying to play songs in lower tunings. Really, it doesn't work on say B and C. Drop D is fine, a tad sloppy but fine, but lower than that is not going to happen.

So when picking up that new guitar, I was thinking of trying out thicker strings for lower tunings. However, does getting say .011 or .012 strings mean they don't play very well in standard E? I will probably play in D, C and different drops mostly, but sometimes you just want to rip up some songs in standard E. Can I still tune in E with thicker strings?
Since you're going to have to adjust your truss rod to ease the tension, you could just keep your old guitar in E standard, and your new guitar in D.
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my band plays in drop c and standard d and both of us use DR elevens they seem to work well with lower tunings and i had my guitar tuned up to standard e when another guitarist in a band that was opening for us broke his string. The lower gauge will work in e they will just be pretty tight. Like the guy said before you are better off having one guitar in lower tunings and one in standard
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Thanks for all the tips!
So, any special brand of strings fit for metal and the likes? I was thinking Ernie Ball, they seem to have a pretty good reputation.

The guitar I'm getting has a fixed bridge btw, it's an Ibanez.