So basically, I'm trying to use FL studio 8 to make my drums, synth, and bass tracks, and then import them all separately into Sonar 7 to record the guitar and vocals. I've done this once before and it worked totally fine. The problem this though, this time around, when I import all the tracks into Sonar, the drums go off beat, and always at a certain point. When the chorus kicks in...its almost as it changes in tempo but the other tracks stay the same. I played it back with the metronome on and both the synth and bass are on time. The drums are not. But its perfectly fine up until the chorus.

I've played back the individual tracks outside of Sonar on an audio player, and they were all on time before I imported them into Sonar. Also, I imported them into audacity and they were also on time. So I'm pretty sure the problem is with sonar. And I don't want to just record it on audacity because the song has odd time signature changes in the breakdown later in the song, and I have trouble doing those in audacity for some reason.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
contact cakewalk or the makers of fruity loops...you paid for there software..which entitles you to support.
Why don't you just make all the tracks in Sonar to start with, it is perfectly capable of doing anything FL can.
did you change the time signature, and/or the bpm for the chorus on sonar? If you didnt then you need to do that so it lines up.
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