Poll: Favorite [Insert]Core Guitarist?
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Ben Weinman from The Dillenger Escape Plan
4 9%
Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy
6 14%
Paul Waggoner from Between the Buried and Me
12 28%
Oli Herbert from All That Remains
2 5%
Dean Pleasants from Suicidal Tendancies
2 5%
Luke Hoskin from Protest the Hero
7 16%
Jim Ward from At the Drive-In/Sparta
1 2%
Matt Fox from Shai Halud
2 5%
Joel Stroetzel from Killswitch Engage
1 2%
Other (Specify Who)
6 14%
Voters: 43.
omar rodriguez-lopez, in at the drive-in since they were (post hard)core ahahahaha

but i guess jim ward will have to do for your poll
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Yeah, like At The Drive-In/TMV/Sparta and TFOT are the best bands ever. Listen to moar!!1 muzak you fool, not these sad, untalentend emokron bands.

Those are actually my favorite bands of all time.
But there's gunna be a mass of trolling morons that will say something of that sort, so beware.

Haha, I felt the world crashing around me when I read the first part of your post. Those are two of my top 5.
I know these lists are limiting, but you missed out so many, a few of the 80s guys could really play. Not just hit notes, but play.
Can't really choose between Ben and Thomas, but since im currently listening to TFOT i voted for Thomas.

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Paul Waggoner is definitely my favorite
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Definitely Paul. With Oli and Luke fighting for second.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Dean Pleasants, HANDS DOWN whoops caps
Yeah good job making one of these threads where your options are gonna get more votes than "other" and at the metalcore/nu-metal guitarist thread, that was terrible.

To not be spamming I think ima vote Luke Hoskin, slightly ahead of Paul Waggoner altho everyone on this list is a fav of mine
The fact that Kurt Ballou STILL isn't on there, and that Dave Knudson, Matt Hoffman, Scott Mellinger, and Ross Codgell aren't even mentioned is just wrong.
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i went for matt fox, he's not technically skilled but i just love his melodies.
otherwise i would have gone for tom erak (fall of troy), kurt ballou (converge) or the between the buried and me or protest the hero guitarists.

kris norris of darkest hour is pretty damn good too
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biggest crime

srsly. Like 75% of "core" riffs were crafted by Dave Knudsons hands.
coming to terms with an inevitable death.