On my Squier Strat I've been using bullet-end stainless steel Fender .009 strings but since the music store near me decides to throw all different kinds of strings on the same rack I accidentally picked up some ball=end stainless steel strings. I was wondering if the ball end strings would be any different from the bullet end strings and if I should do anything different when restringing the guitar with them.

I just got back from vacation and my strings are all rusted and need changing badly >.>
im not sure but if i remember right, bullet ends are the fender types and they are meant for tremolo bridges (and hard tail ones that look like strat ones without the bar) but i use ball end on my fender copy and i dont really have any problems.
nope they shouldnt be too different at all. just restring them as normal, and tbh you only need bullet ends if youre an insane trem user
The bullet ends were made to go in the tremolo block of fenders. Doesnt mean it will create huge problems if you use ball end strings. I have ball ends in my fender, I dont like the fender strings. But stainless might tend to wear your frets down faster than regular strings will.
they both work the same.

in addition, i also dont like fender bullet strings.

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