So I plan on getting a Jackson


I also want to upgrade it to an EMG 81. I want to know does it fit into the pickup slot, or whatever you call it. Also, how it install it and stuff, because I am a noob when it comes to this stuff.

ALSO, I am concerned about the EMG 81's battery life. It says that it lasts 3,000 hours, so does that mean it will be dead and useless after 3,00 hours of playing, and i'll have to get another one?
Yes It will fit, but you'll need to replace both of your pickups. EMG's are active and you can't mix regular (passive) pickups with active pickups. It's best to have a professional install them if you don't know how. They are expensive and it would suck if you messed them up. As for the battery it will be placed in the control cavity of your guitar. Remove a few screws and it's easy to change. It's only a 9 volt and they last longer than you think they would. Hope this helps you.
ya the batteries do last for almost a year, and its just a 9-volt, not hard to change.

and u will have to replace both pups
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for the battery to last, make sure that you unplug your guitar.

the battery runs on a stereo jack, which engages the battery power when plugged in.