New to the forum so just trying to get oganised at mo.. but here's a little cautionary tale for all those who like myself enjoy nothing better than after a hard days work to settle down with a glass of merlot


Got my share of bitter sorrows
Suffered wounds without a cause
Tarried long beside the bottle
In return got a fool's applause
Its hard to kick the habit
Once you crave the booze
Do you need some advice?
You'll do well to heed the tale
Of the snalkbite blues

Took a stroll down to the drugstore
Put a quarter in the slot
Feel how the noose gets even tighter
As the hangman ties the knot
A slave bound to his master
Never gets to choose
If you'll take my advice
You'll do well to heed the tale
Of the snakebite blues

Sure, the taste is smooth and easy
Soon your sorrows start to pale
But best beware this sweet libation
Carries a sting within it's tail
Its the pathway to destruction
With everything to lose
The devil shows no mercy
When the sweet red mocker comes
To claim his dues

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