i saw the SX guitars at Rondo Music, and they looked extremely nice and had some intereseting features. most of them are really cheap (the most expensive is what, 250 dollars?). i was wondering what are these likes...how do they sound/play/feel etc... On a second note, how do these compare to Mexi Fenders

i was looking specifically at the SX SST LTD2 (gorgeous guitar) and the SX SX STL50 BSB (cheaper than the other one...

i reckoned this would be a good buy since it would leave me more money for an amp...

I don't own an SX guitar, but at one point I was also very interested in buying one as well. I later changes my mind as I went for a Squier instead, but I heard that for the price they are fantastic. And great finishestoo, I couldn't get one as I don't live in the states, but if you want one go for it. They musn't be bad, and yes, that would def. spare you money for an amp
they sell amps too btw
good luck.
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a lot of people buy those to mod them

the general consensus seems to be that right out of the box, they are pretty bad
and to make a decent guitar out of them they USUALLY (not always, it seems) need a new nut, bridge, pups, and sometimes tuners....................
I would look into some of the Agile strats instead. They may be a little more expensive but from what i have read/heard agile is much better than SX. And they are still relatively inexpensive
I own an SX SST57. It's a nice guitar, rather thick neck but I like that. if you buy one upgrading the nut is a MUST. I was playing in front of a few people and mine cracked in half. The tuners aren't that great either, so upgrading them is important too.

The body on mine feels a bit bigger than a normal strat, and the rib contour is more shallow. The pickups are great for cleans and decent for distortion. Nice, almost flat and glossed fretboard. Overall I love mine, but it takes time (and maybe some money) to get used to.
They're OK guitars. Not good, not bad. Just OK.

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